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Financing Guarantee


A written document issued by Bank of China at the request of the borrower to the lender, guaranteeing the borrower will fulfill obligation to repay the borrowed fund.


Financing guarantee include: loan guarantee, overdraft guarantee, securities issuance guarantee, and credit line guarantee.


Facilitate financing for the applicant.


1. Solve the problem of mutual mistrust between both parties of a transaction. With good reputation, Bank of China involves in the transaction and acts as a guarantor to promote smooth transaction by providing guarantee for the parties.

2. Enhance borrower's creditworthiness and facilitate its financing.

3. Lower financing cost.

4. Indemnify the damaged party and penalize the defaulting party in case of breach of contract to avoid and reduce contract breaching activities, thus saving trouble and expenses arising from litigation or arbitration.


The financing guarantee fees shall be charged based on the principles and rates determined in accordance with relevant rules of Bank of China; the fees for letter of guarantee in foreign currency shall be charged in the same way as for letter of guarantee in RMB.

Target Customers

Key industrial and commercial customers supported by Bank of China


I. Application for letter of guarantee

1. The applicant fills out an application form or a contract for issuance of a letter of guarantee;

2. The applicant pays margin or submits other counter guarantee;

3. The applicant submits primary documents related to the contract;

4. The applicant submits other documents necessary for issuance of a letter of guarantee as required by Bank of China.

II. Examination and issuance of letter of guarantee

1. Bank of China examines the customer qualification, underlying transaction and relevant documents;

2. Bank of China confirms the customer's margin or credit line and other mortgages;

3. Bank of China examines the written application and form of the letter of guarantee;

4. Bank of China issues the letter of guarantee.

Kind Reminder

1. Amendment to letter of guarantee: The clauses of the letter of guarantee can be amended on request of the guaranteed party and the beneficiary, such as extension of the validity period.

2. Payment/compensation against letter of guarantee: In case the beneficiary claims compensation within the validity period of the guarantee, the applicant should be notified in time. The payment should be made after the guaranteeing bank examines the claim documents and confirms the documents are in compliance with the claim clauses of the guarantee.

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