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Online Banking

Functions for NZ Subsidiary

Product Summary

Based on an understanding of corporation’s need for efficiency in financial operations, Bank of China's corporate online banking provides a comprehensive, effective and secure transaction environment which allows you to do your banking from your computer via the Internet that supports both English and Chinese interfaces to meet your diverse needs.

Product Features and Functions:

Account Management

Check current day and historical day account balances, view transaction details and bank statement for internet banking linked account.

Swift Remittance Inquiry

Through Swift Remittance Inquiry you can keep track of your international payments and see real time status of your international payment.

Local and international funds transfer

Simplify the way you pay. Our online banking will facilitate your need for fund transfer whether you’re in New Zealand or overseas.  The transfer functions available include: Transfer between accounts, Transfer within Bank of China, Domestic Transfer and International Payment.

Batch payment is also available through our online banking. Our specialised batch payment tool will help you create and upload your batch payment requests.

Same Day Cleared

This domestic transfer service guarantees your NZD payment to reach any domestic NZD account within the same business day.

Maintenance and Supporting Services

You can customise your login welcome message, account alias, login password, and manage your payee information.

FX Services

Our real time Exchange Rate Inquiry function help you keep up with our latest exchange rate. You can perform foreign exchange as you are processing your transactions. 

Group Online Banking

On top of all the basic functions of online banking, group online banking provides a unified view of all your accounts under all your subsidiaries. And with the proper authorisation, your operator can enquire and operate all your subsidiaries’ accounts using only 1 E-token.

Safety and Security

Our new two factor authentication method enhances your account and transaction security through the use of our new generate E-Token.

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