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Online Banking

Online Saver Account

BOC NZ offers its Online Saver Account in New Zealand dollars. The Online Saver Account is a non-bank card account. It is simple and easy to make payments and transfers with our Personal Internet Banking and Mobile Banking app. The Online Saver Account is interest-bearing, based on the daily account balance, and works as your day-to-day transaction account. The Online Saver Account functions include home loan repayments, daily transactions and term deposit account transfers.


* NZD account only.

* Instant access to your account via Personal Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

* Earn premium interest if your account balance is $10,000 or more.

* Interest is calculated based on the closing balance of each day.

  • For the Online Saver Account interest rate, please click here.
  • Interest rates are subject to change at any time.

* Interest is calculated daily and credited monthly.

  • The interest is calculated daily on the full credit balance at the end of each day, and credited into your Online Saver account (less tax) on the first day of next month.

* Flexible access to your money and withdrawals to the available balance on your account.

* No monthly account fees, no deposit fees, no withdrawal fees.

* No minimum balance requirement.

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