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Home Loans

Buying a home is one of the most important investments you will make in your life. At Bank of China (New Zealand) Limited ("BOCNZ", a New Zealand registered bank), we endeavor to help our customers achieve their lifetime goals of owning a home.

We are happy to help if you are:

  • A first-time home buyer;
  • An investor who wants to buy an investment property;
  • Another bank's existing customer who wants to refinance with BOCNZ; or
  • Just wanting to find out if we can help with your home lending needs.

Residential Mortgage Interest Rates

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Floating Rate:

Fix Rate: interest rate remains constant over the agreed fixed period of the loan. It offers customer the benefit of knowing the exact amount of monthly repayments of the loan for an agreed (fixed) period. However, if you repay early of any or all part of the total amount owing during a fixed rate period, you may have to pay break costs (early repayment charge).

Repayment Methods

  • Principal and Interest payments
  • Interest Only payments (Investment properties only and subject to approval)

Home Loan Application

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Contact number: +64 9 980 9016

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A Flexible interest rate loan which may go up or down as interest rates change. You have the flexibility to make lump sum repayments of any size at any time without penalty. As the rate is floating it can go higher than fixed term rates. You may be able to change from a floating to a fixed interest rate, although some types of loans may only be available with a floating interest rate.

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