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Bank Account


Bank account service means that all accounts opened by customers with valid identity document in Bank of China Limited Karachi Branch or at one of its outlets can have access to balance inquiry, transaction details and other account information via online banking.


1. Account overview: it displays all account information linked to online banking by customers, including account number, alias, type, currency, available balance and account balance;

2. Transaction details: customers can make inquiry about and download the transaction details of linked accounts, including transaction date, transaction brief, currency, cash/exchange, amount received, amount paid, balance and so on; customers can also make inquiry about transactions across various time span.

3. Term deposit account information: customers can make inquiry about the current status, currency, current balance and available balance of the term deposit account;

4. Account management: customers can change the alias of the account, cancel accounts linked to online banking, and link other account to online banking.

Target Customers

The service is applicable to all Corporate customers of online banking.

Application Qualifications

All customers of Bank of China's online banking can apply for the service.


Corporate online banking of Bank of China is accessible 7x24.


The longest time span for inquiry about transaction details is the latest three months.


Account alias: customers can assign a name that is easy to remember to each account.

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