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Savings Deposit Account


Savings Deposit Account


Savings Deposit is a form of savings deposit. Savings deposit can be deposited or withdrawn in cash and used for transfer, exchange, inward and outward remittance for personal purpose.


1.The available currencies include PKR, USD, CNY and so on.

2.Current deposit can be transferred and exchanged between the customer's accounts or a third party's accounts at Bank of China.

3.It can be used for remittance and account crediting between China and other countries.

4.It generates current interest.

Target Customers

Any customer with valid identity documents.


1.Customers fill out the account application form at and submit required identity documents to Bank of China Limited Karachi Branch.

2.Bank of China opens the current deposit account after examining the identity document of customers.

Required Documents

1.For Pakistani citizens: CNIC and other valid identity documents.

2.For Non-Pakistani citizens (who live in Pakistan): original copy of passport, working certificate and other valid identity documents.

3.For Non-Pakistani citizens (who live outside Pakistan): original copy of passport and other valid identity documents.


1.Cash withdrawal for more than PKR 1 million or the equivalent is only available by appointment in advance.

2.Customers who make one-time large deposit in Bank of China shall explain the source of money, and fill out the anti-money laundering form of Pakistan in accordance with the relevant rules of Bank of China.

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