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Copyright Statement


Content Source of the Website and Copyright Reserved

1. Unless otherwise specified, Bank of China Limited (Bank of China) owns the copyright on all contents displayed via any medias on this website (the Site), including trademark, design, character, image, or any other information.

2. The Copyright Reserved marked in the Site is a copyright statement declaring that Bank of China has the independent authority on its logos, site design, site architecture and the contents and images designed, developed and produced by Bank of China.

3. Bank of China has the ownership or co-ownership of all intellectual property right for the contents and services developed by Bank of China or co-developed with other parties. The aforesaid right is protected by the relevant laws of the copyright, trademark, service trademark, patent, and other proprietary rights.

4. Bank of China's network service includes all the contents in text, software, images, graphics and advertisements, as well as other information provided to the users, all of which are protected by relevant laws.

5. The Site includes some texts provided by other organizations, groups, or business institutions. The copyrights of such contents are owned by the relevant providers. Bank of China has obtained permission from the owner of the copyright prior to the extraction or reproduction of the said contents and stated the source of the contents as agreed.

Use of the Contents of the Site

1. You may view or download the contents of the Site for non-commercial purposes in compliance with the copyright law and Bank of China's statement on the site. For commercial use (such as: copy , download, store , print or download through electronic system, send, convert, rent, demonstrate, disseminate and publish to distribute any content in any way , or create content-related derivative products), you must obtain written permission from Bank of China, and indicate the source and the copyright reserved by Bank of China.You can send written application to the bank to the following address : Rua Duque de Palmela nr 35 , 35 A e 37 ,? 1250-097 Lisboa, Portugal. The Site reserves the legal right to hold accountable the websites or print medias which, against laws and regulations,, use the contents of the Site without indicating the source of the contents with no permission from Bank of China.

2. Without the express, written permission of Bank of China, you may not copy or mirror any contents in the Site on any other servers.

3. Please contact the appropriate copyright owner directly if you want to use the contents of the Site provided by other organizations, groups or business institutions. The Site will not bear any legal responsibility under such circumstances.

4. Any individuals or organizations who copy or disseminate the contents of the Site with the copyright reserved by Bank of China must comply with the following conditions:

(1) Any extract or quotation should reflect the true meaning of the original content.

(2) The source of the contents? be indicated.

Notes on Links

Please observe the following if you want to link to the Site:

1. Formal agreement must be signed with Bank of China (Europe) S.A. Lisbon Branch to link to the Site.

2. Link should direct to URL="" instead of any other page of the Site, unless otherwise agreed by Bank of China (Europe) S.A. Lisbon Branch.

3. The appearance, position and other aspects of the link should not undermine or dilute the name and logo of?

4. The appearance, position and other aspects of the link should not give any mistaken impression to the viewers.

5. The link should show the Site in full-page size rather than Frame format.

6. Bank of China may withdraw your right to link to the Site at any time in its sole discretion.

Special Statement

Contents quoted, extracted or reproduced from third parties in the Site do not represent the views of Bank of China (Europe) S.A. Lisbon Branch, which is providing information just for reference or exchange of ideas.

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