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Online Banking

User Guide (FAQ)

1. How can I login?

Through our website,click the button 'Corporate Online Banking' to access the Corporate Online Banking page.

2. User Name & Password

At the login page, the system will ask you to enter your User Name, password, a one-time E-Token password to access the service.

Your initial User Name and password will be supplied by the bank upon the first request of Internet Banking Application.

When you log in for the first time, the system will ask you to change your username and password. If you have forgotten your password, please contact our branch as soon as possible.

3. E-Token

E-Token enhances our Internet Banking security, because of the time-sensitive, synchronized nature of the authentication. Every 60 seconds, an E-Token produces a unique 6-digit code, also known as a one-time password, which is displayed on a small screen on the E-Token. You need to use it within its life span for your login to the Internet Banking Service. The randomness, unpredictability, and uniqueness of the one-time passwords substantially increase the difficulty for someone to capture and use it to compromise your account. E-Tokens generally last 3 to 4 years before they need to be replaced. Replacement for expired E-Token is free of charge.

4. Services available using Internet Banking

After successfully logging in to Internet Banking with your User Name, Password, E-Token and Verification Code as below, you will get access to a range of services available to you including:

  • Check the balance of your various accounts with Bank of China Lisbon Branch
  • Transfer funds between Bank of China Lisbon Branch accounts
  • Transfer funds to other Portugal bank accounts
  • Transfer funds to other bank accounts outside Portugal
  • Withdraw fixed time deposit funds
  • Change login password
  • Statement service

5. When I use Internet Banking, why does it sometimes prompt 'dialog failure'?

After logging to Internet Banking, if you leave it unattended for a long time, the system will prompt 'dialog failure' and log off automatically. If you still want to use the system, please login again. Such design is to prevent your account from being maliciously operated if you leave your computer unattended and forget to exit Internet Banking.

6. The information displayed on the 'Help' pages does not seem to always apply to me.

The Bank of China Lisbon Branch Internet Banking Service is hosted by Bank of China Limited and some of the information displayed may be for the attention of customers in China.

7. What should I do if my computer suddenly crashes or the network connection is suddenly cut off in course of transaction?

In such case, you should resume access to the Internet and login to the Internet Banking in the normal way and check the balance or transaction records of your account through 'Accounts Overview' and 'Transaction Records' in 'My Accounts', and determine whether or not any transactions you were requesting have been successfully fulfilled. If the transaction has been successfully completed, you need not to take any further action. If the transaction has not been completed, you should restart or cancel the transaction.

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