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Security Notice

Dear customers of BOC Internet Banking, BOC is dedicated to providing you with high-quality and secure Internet banking services. In order to enhance the security of your financial security and your online transactions and activities, please pay attention to the following instructions when using the internet banking of BOC:

1. Login the correct website

Please make sure you directly input the website address: when visiting the official website of Bank of China Lisbon Branch.

You will see the welcome message you reserve after logging in BOC Internet banking.

Please be aware of fake websites. If you are in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us through our customer service hotline +351 210 495 714/722/729 (open from 8:30 am to 17:30 pm every business day).

2. Keep your user name and password in good manner

Bank of China will never request or ask for your password via email. Please be vigilant of any possible illegal behavior to defraud you of your user name (or your bank card number used for enrollment) and password by email, letter, telephone, or SMS. If you have any question, please contact us immediately by calling the customer service hotline or the interactive letter service provided by our Internet banking system.

Avoid using alpha-numeric character combinations that can be easily guessed at as your password. Examples are: your birthday, telephone number, or automobile plate number. Please use the alpha-numeric character combinations (capital or small letter) difficult to be deciphered as password.

Please avoid using the same password to login other internet services, for example, internet access or email etc.

Please change your Internet banking login password regularly.

Please do not write down your username and password on paper. Do not divulge your username and password to anyone nor accept suggestions for your username/password combination from other parties.

Please do not divulge your personal information, including your ID number, passport information, accounts number and other sensitive information, to any suspicious or unverified person or website.

Please keep your E-Token in safety. You are advised to contact our bank for loss reporting or E-Token reissue immediately in case it is lost.

3. Points for attention in operation of Internet banking

Do not access your online banking in public places such as net café or public library; unfamiliar computers may be installed with malicious monitoring programs to trap your username and password. Moreover, your keyboard operation may be open to the stealthy observation of strangers.

When you login to online banking, please examine carefully the Previous Logon Time on the welcome page and make sure that it complies with your recollection of your last login time to avoid being confused or cheated by malicious email or website.

Please make sure to login the correct website by checking the website certificate. You may check the digital certificate by choosing "Tools >> Internet Options >> content >> certificates" of your Internet Explorer.

When you log in for the first time, please download and install the "security control" on the login page of BOC online banking. Do not download and install any "security control" from other unclear website.

Please make sure the favorite website address is correct before you login the online banking system with the website address stored in the Favorites folder of your Internet Explorer.

The method to identify fake or malicious website: malicious email or website uses different disguises to make them looked correct. These disguises include: i) use the images of the genuine website. ii) redirect customer to the genuine website, and intercept customer's data flowing through the fake website during the communication between the customer and the bank . iii) use similar domain name which may be falsely recognized as the domain name of genuine bank website.

Every time you finish with online banking, please always choose Exit on the top right-hand corner of the system and then close the browser.

If you need to leave your computer for any reason, please log-out of online banking by clicking Exit on the top right-hand corner of the system.

Please set a password for your computer to secure the information in it.

If you have any trouble or discover any abnormal situation, please contact us through our customer service hotline.

4. Guarantee the security of computer

Please install personal firewall software to protect your computer from unauthorized access. This is especially important if your computer is connected to the Internet through broadband or a DSL modem.

Please regularly download and install the up-to-date operating system and browser security programs or patches.

Please install and regularly update personal firewall and anti-virus software to prevent computer from virus intrusion.

Every time you finish with online banking, please delete the cache and history records in your browser--this is of utmost important in situations where you have to use a public computer--so that your account information will not remain in the computer.

Please do not view any unidentified email and do not login online banking system through linkage from email.

Please use the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer that supports 128Bit -encryption. If you use Internet Explorer as your browser, we suggest that you should close the function 'Auto Finish' to prevent your card number and password from being saved in the computer.

(1) Open your Internet Explorer and click Tool >> Internet Option >> Content.

(2) Click Auto Finish under Personal Information.

(3) Delete the check mark in front of Username and Password in the menu and click Delete Password.

5. Other Comments

To comply with the state law and regulations, BOC will update the Security Notice periodically according to the development of business and technologies. Please often read the notice to improve your sense of security.

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