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Current Deposit Account


Current Deposit Account


Current deposit account is a type of savings deposit with no deposit term specified. It can be used for personal transfer, exchange, outward and inward remittance.


1. Currency types including EUR, USD, RMB, GBP and so on ;

2. Transfer and exchange between the customer's account and the current deposit accounts of other depositors of the bank;

3. Domestic and overseas remittance;

4. Fees will be charged on account management(according to the price table in force).

Target Customers

Customers with no need to make payment for trade can open the account with valid identity documents.


1. Customers are required to fill in the account opening application form and submit valid identity documents;

2. Customers should provide documents of tax number, address proof, work proof and salary proof, etc;

3. Customers can have access to relevant services after the account is opened. 


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