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Term Deposit Account


Term Deposit Account


Term deposit account is a type of savings deposit with fixed deposit period. Three deposit term of three months, six months and one year are available.


1. Currency types including EUR, USD, RMB, GBP and so on;

2. early full/partial withdrawal allowed;

3. Higher interest rate than that of current deposit;

4. No account management fee.

Target Customers

Customers with surplus money in short term can open the account with valid identity documents.


Customers who have accounts with the bank can apply for the term deposit account of corresponding currency to make deposit, no other procedures required.


1.Early withdrawal is allowed but the interest rate on the funds withdrawn will be calculated at the current deposit rate instead;

2.Minimum opening deposit for non-RMB term deposit is 5000 currency units (ex. USD, EUR, GBP).


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