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Outward Remittances


Outward Remittance


Outward remittance is a service where the bank can transact remittance to the account designated by its individual customers regardless of whether the account is domestic or foreign or whether it is the customer's account or not. Remittance currencies include EUR, USD, GBP, RMB and so on.


1. In addition to over 10,000 branches in China, Bank of China also boasts in 46 countries and regions, branches in currency clearing centers such as New York, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Hong Kong as well as correspondent banks in most countries and regions of the world, providing customers with global remittance services and professional consulting services through its extensive remittance channels and rich business experiences.

2. Customers can do the transfer by fax or e-mail.

Target Customers

Customers who have an account in the bank.


Customers fill in the remittance application form and submitting it at a counter of the bank's outlets, or via fax, e-mail.


Fees will be charged on the outward remittance(according to the price table in force).

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