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Inward Remittances


Inward Remittance


Inward remittance is a service provided by Bank of China for its individual customers to receive remitted money from other banks. The bank can receive remittance from different countries and accounts subject to the customer’s needs. Remittance currencies include EUR, USD, GBP, RMB and so on.


All individual customers who have an account with the bank can access to this service without restrictions on the remittance amount.

Target Customers

Individual customers who have an account with the bank can access to the service with valid identity documents.


Individual customers who want to receive remittance are required to have an account with the bank, after account opening, automatically have the access to the remittance service.


1. If the remittance amount exceeds the customer's income when opening the account, certificate on the funding source of the remittance is required.

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