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Privacy Policy


We thank you for your visit to our website. Privacy has a special status with Bank of China Limited. Personal data is collected on this website only to the extent technically necessary.

We, Bank of China (Central and Eastern Europe) Limited Bucharest Branch (the "Bank", "us" or "we"), strive to ensure the appropriate and risk-proportional privacy of our visitors to our website.

1. Scope

This privacy policy applies to the Internet presence of Bank of China (Central and Eastern Europe) Limited Bucharest Branch in Romania.

2. Data processing on this website

The Bank of China Limited automatically collects and stores in your server log files some of the information usually transmitted by the browser, as far as your browser provides them. These data can be assigned to persons who can not be determined by Bank of China Limited. There is no merge of this data with other data sources. However, if you wish to use a special service of our company through our website (for example, contacting by e-mail), processing of other personal data may be required.

While using our website (the "Site"), we collect the personal information of our Site's visitors (the "Users") in an effort to provide them with the greatest degree of personalized experience. With a better knowledge of our Users, we can provide information and services more tailored to our Users specific needs. However, under no circumstances will advertisers be able to obtain the personal data of our Users, unless the release of such data is expressly authorized by the respective User. We will not use the personal information or browsing information of Users, nor will we share it with others.

Our system will automatically collect the information of Users browsing the Site to use the services, but it will not record the internet protocol (IP) addresses of Users. We will not share the User's information with third parties, but our system will summarize the browsing information of Users to know how Users as a whole are using our services so that such services can be improved. We will also share browsing information of Users with related companies within the Bank of China Group. We do not track the User's internet browsing information. Once a User leaves our Site, his/her browsing information will no longer be collected.

4. The Bank will not use the personal information or browsing information of the visitors or customers in the Site, nor will we share it with others.

The Bank may also share the summarized information browsed by customers with its partners (subject to confidentiality) without disclosure of such information. However, the Bank will not track the online information visited by customers, and once customers click any link to other websites, the privacy policy of the Bank will cease to be valid.

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