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Beware of fake online investment promotion


lmportant information about virtual assets investment and remote access scams

This type of fraud is initiated through phone calls, social networks, email, SMS or other messaging applications and consists in presenting by the attackers of the false promise of substantial and quick earnings if investing in cryptocurrencies or other virtual assets, stock market shares through some investment/transaction platforms. Such platforms are fake, being under the control of the attackers/perpetrators.

In some situations, the attackers also request the victim to install some applications on their mobile phone or computer through which they will be able to obtain access and remote control of these devices. Thus creating the possibility of initiating transactions from your bank account.

In such situations, it is very important:

To show caution, to request and verify the data of the person who contacts you or the identification data of the companies that make you a "too good to be true offer".

DO NOT provide sensitive personal data (e.g. personal identification number or similar) or bank data (e.g. card number, expiry date, CVV/CVC, Online Banking/Mobile Banking username, access codes provided by the bank via SMS), during the telephone call with the attacker by accessing a link sent by this person via SMS or by any other methods they use to take over your data;

DO NOT install any applications on the devices you are using that offer remote access (for example, Anydesk, TeamViewer) at the request of the persons that approach you.

In the unpleasant situation where you were the victim of this type of fraud, we recommend you that immediately after the incident:

STOP any communication with "brokers/intermediaries" and stop making any kind of payment regardless of the reason given (for example, attackers may request additional payments such as "withdrawal fees" or "recovery fees");

If you have installed any application at the request of the "brokers", uninstall it and scan the device with an antivirus program;

Contact us immediately in order to start the recovery procedures, in the event that they are still possible, by e-mail at or by phone at + 40 318029888.

Thank you,

Bank of China (CEE) Ltd. Bucharest Branch

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