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Security Tips on Preventing the Risk of Online Fraud


Dear Valued Customer,

Due to the increase of fraud incidents involving phishing payment orders sent via email, the bank would like to notify and remind you of the following tips to keep your funds and accounts safe and secure:

1.The bank will not send any links to its customers via email, SMS or online chats, etc. Do not click on any links with suspicion received by emails or SMSs in order to protect your private and confidential information from being compromised.

2. Do not disclose any personal information, account information, online banking user’s name, login password, dynamic passwords and other security-related information to any doubtful or unverified individuals or websites.

3.To minimize the risk of online fraud, it is advisable to adopt good internet habits including the installation of anti-virus software, upgrading of applications, web browsers and operating systems regularly, and changing passwords in a timely manner etc.

Please always be vigilant and pay high attention to the risk of payment fraud, increase risk prevention awareness, and reduce the possibility of having financial loss. If any suspicious transactions are found, please call our hotline +40318029888 in time or send an email to for consultation and verification.

Kind Regards,

Bank of China (Central and Eastern Europe) Limited Sucursala Bucuresti

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