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Netbank Service For Corporate Customers


Service Name:

Bank of China (CEE) Ltd. Bucharest Branch Corporate Online Banking Service

Service Description

NetBank service enables corporate customers to check, download or print present-day or historical transaction records of accounts, check, download or print present-day or historical balance records of accounts, handle internal transfers between the accounts of their own or to the accounts of other customers in same or different currencies within the Bank, handle RON, CNY, EUR or USD outgoing remittance from account in the same currency or in different currencies.


Customer does not need to go to the Bank in person for certain non-cash transactions. NetBank services can save customer’s valuable time.

With username, password set by customer and e-token, customer can experience the swift and convenient NetBank services safely.

How to apply for NetBank service?

The legal representative person or authorized staff of the company applies in person at the Bank with valid identity documents.

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