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RMB Corporate Finance Services

The RMB Bilateral Loan

A loan or other credit facility provided by a single lender to a borrower (or associated borrowers) under the terms of one facility agreement.

Used to meet the short-term financing demand during the process of production and operation or medium and long-term financing demand for fixed assets renewal, expansion and construction.

Applicable customers:

Customers who can obtain reliable cash flow and meet the credit access requirements of Bank of China can apply for the bilateral loan in RMB.

The RMB Syndicated Loan

RMB Syndicated loan is a form of RMB loan business in which two or more lenders jointly provide loans for one or more borrowers on the same loan terms and with different duties and sign the same loan agreement. Usually, one bank is appointed as the agency bank to manage the loan business on behalf of the syndicate members.

Bank of China is one of the four largest state-owned commercial banks in China, with the highest degree of internationalization of Chinese banks, and the broadest global RMB clearing network. BOC has obvious advantages in offshore RMB business and customer base resources, and so has a wealth of operational experience and professional personnel in offshore RMB syndicated loans as a leader, arranger, agent or a participant.

Applicable customers:

Borrowers who require long-term and large-amount loan.

Borrowers with high reputation in the industry, whose operation ability as well as financial and technical strength are recognized by most banks.

Export Buyer's Credit in RMB

Export buyer's credit in RMB is a medium-and-long-term financing facility provided by exporter's bank and supported by exporter's home government to the importer or its banks, with the purpose of promoting the export of capital goods and services such as homebred mechanical and electrical products, complete equipment and overseas contracted engineering projects.

Applicable customers:

Exporters shall be the entities who export capital goods and services such as homebred mechanical and electrical products, complete equipment and overseas contracted engineering projects.

Borrowers should be importers, importers' banks (credit transfer banks) or import countries' statutory borrowing sectors in sovereignty level (such as Ministry of Finance, central bank etc.) which are approved by Bank of China.

The RMB Project Finance

It refers to that the project sponsor (shareholder) raises funds through establishment of a SPV for such project operation, and then taking the company as borrower, its cash flow and benefits as repayment source and its assets as guaranty for the RMB loans. It is generally applied to such large-scale infrastructure projects as generating facilities, highways, bridges, tunnels, railways, airports, urban water supplies and sewage treatment plants, and other projects with large investment scale and long-term stably expected profits.

It could be divided into two types in accordance with the possession of recourse, the project finance with recourse and the project finance without recourse.

Applicable customers:

All projects that could keep stable cash flow and accord with the BOC qualification requirements may raise funds through project finance. Enterprises who utilize project finance quite often are usually monopolistic with government background, mainly focusing on following fields: projects of energy development, oil pipeline, oil refinery, mineral resource exploitation, roads, sewage treatment plant and telecommunication projects.

The RMB Onshore Guarantee Offshore Loan Business

The RMB onshore guarantee offshore loan business means as per application from onshore (China) client, the onshore (China) BOC branch and sub-branch acting as the guarantor, Bank of China Stockholm branch acting as the beneficiary, the onshore (China) BOC provides financing guarantee, then BOC JHB will provide RMB funding and facility to the borrower.

Applicable customers:

Chinese going global corporate, overseas (other than China) corporate who needs financial supporting from onshore (China) related corporate.

The RMB Credit Line Arranging & Splitting Business

Bank of China domestic branches (including Head Office, domestic level One Branch, and subsidiaries) organize the Credit Line Arranging and Splitting Business, to allocate the client's total credit limit to Stockholm Branch (including low risk credit limit), then Stockholm will provide the credit limit support to this client or his or her associated companies.

Applicable customers:

"Go Overseas" corporates, the overseas companies need credit line support from domestic associated companies.

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