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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Report of Bank of China Limited for 2022 (Environmental Social Governance)
Corporate Social Responsibility Report of Bank of China Limited for 2021 (Environmental Social Governance)
Bank of China Jakarta Branch Donated 200 Million Rupiah to Flood Victims in Sentani Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia
CSR Report of Bank of China for 2017 (Print Version)
CSR Report of Bank of China Limited for 2017
CSR Report of Bank of China Limited for 2016
CSR Report of Bank of China Limited for 2015
CSR Report 2014
BOC Donates RMB5 Million to Quake-hit Ludian of Yunnan
BOC Launches Six Measures to Support Quake Relief and Reconstruction Efforts in Ludian
BOC Wins the Awarded of "Most Outstanding CSR Listed Company"
BOC Wins the “Financial Institution with the Strongest Sense of Social Responsibility” Award
"Rainbow Bridge": BOC Funds Cross-cultural Exchanges of 56 Students from China and the US
BOC Supports the Collections of Louvre Museum Displayed in the National Museum of China
Rainbow Bridge Program: BOC Sponsors Cross-cultural Exchange Program for 50 Chinese and US Students
BOC listed among "Top 10 Women-Caring Enterprises"
BOC Donates 5 Million Yuan to Sichuan's Quake-hit Area
Bank of China Was Awarded the “Best Charity Marketing”
Bank of China Awarded “Best Social Responsibility Bank in Asia”
CSR Report 2010
Value-Added Service of Art from Bank of China - Ballet Appreciation at "Art Lectures"
CBRC Launches Public Education Service Day of Banking Sector
Bank of China Donates RMB 2 Million to Flood-hit Hainan
Beaty of China Show the World----2010 Mid-Autumn Concert
BOCIM Donates RMB 100,000 to Zhouqu Disaster Area
Gansu Branch Donates RMB 1.18 Million to Zhouqu
MOP 500,000 from Macau Branch Staff to Mudslide-hit Zhouqu
CSR Report 2009
Bank of China Supports the 2010 "Show the World" Goodwill Action:
Show the World Beauty of China: Bank of China Joins Lincoln Center's Board of Directors
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Wins Top Donor of the Year Award
Theme Stamps for 60th Anniversary of Bank of China Macau Branch Issued
Bank of China Holds Group Wedding for 50 Couples in Beijing
Bank of China Wins Golden Bee CSR Award
National Model Workers Talk about Bank of China Spirit at Xinhuanet
Bank of China Macau Branch Expands Donation Channels for Qinghai Quake-Hit Area
Bank of China's Poverty Alleviation Stories
Bank of China and Lions Clubs Launch Art Education Program for Migrant Workers' Children
Bank of China Donates to Qinghe County for Snow Disaster Relief
Bank of China Ranks Fifth among Listed SOEs for Social Responsibility
Chairman Xiao Gang Addresses the "Summit Conference on 2009 China Environmental Protection Industry Development"
Bank of China and Chinese Academy of Sciences Co-Hold the Tan Kah Kee Science Award Symposium
Bank of China Spares No Effort to Serve the World Expo 2010 Shanghai
Bank of China Jakarta Branch Donates to Indonesian Earthquake-Stricken Areas
Bank of China's Poverty Alleviation Support for Xianqian Township in Tibet
Joburg Branch Wins the Champion in Chorus Competition
"Bank of China Loving Care Primary School" in Qingchuan County Put into Service
Bank of China Donates RMB 5 Million to the Morakot-Hit areas in Taiwan
Bank of China Branches Promote National Fitness Campaign in the Olympic Spirit
"Bank of China Wealth Cup Table Tennis and Badminton Tournament" - Carnival with Olympic Champions
Taiji Performance Breaks Guinness World Record
Bank of China Donates RMB 5 million for National Fitness Campaign
Concert for the First Anniversary of Beijing Olympic Games Held in Beijing
Review of Bank of China's Support for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
A Glance Back at Bank of China's Relief Efforts on First Anniversary of 5.12 Earthquake
CSR Report 2008
Notice on Solicitation of Logo and Slogan for the "National Fitness Day"
Bank of China Awarded the Excellent Olympics Organizer Again
Bank of China and National Centre for the Performing Arts Announce Strategic Cooperation
Bank of China Providing State-Subsidized Student Loans
Bank of China Honored with Outstanding Contribution Award for "Love of the Earth, Water Cellars for Mothers" Project
Bank of China Donates RMB 1.5 Million for Disaster Relief in Hubei Province
Exceptional Financial Services from Bank of China's Temporary Outlets for Olympic Games
Love Brings a Better Future - Olympic Journey for Children from 56 Ethnic Groups
Zhejiang Branch Launches "Loving Care Deposit" for School Reconstruction in Guangyuan
A Spirit That Cannot Be Crushed - for Bank of China Staff in 5.12 Disaster
Records of Post-Earthquake Financial Service of Bank of China
Li Lihui and Zhang Lin Instruct Post-Disaster Reconstruction in Sichuan
10,000 Entries Received in Olympic Comic and Animation Competition
Earthquake Relief Loan of RMB 30 Million Approved in Half a Day via "Green Credit Channel"
Post-Disaster Reconstruction Agreements Sighed by Bank of China Sichuan Branch and Two Transportation Partners
Bank of China Hong Kong Raises HKD 24 Million for Sichuan Quake-Hit Areas
Loving Care with Responsibility -- Bank of China's Overseas Branches Give All-out Support to Disaster Relief
Bank of China's Supportive Measures for RMB 120 Million Disaster Relief Donation
Bank of China Subscribes to Thomas Cup Gold Medal on the Bazaar of National Badminton Team
Bank of China Organizes Olympic Merchandise Bazaar for Sichuan Earthquake Region
Bank of China Announces Beijing's Donation Accounts for Disaster Relief
Bank of China Proud of Staff in Quake Area
A Glance at Disaster Relief Donations via Bank of China Overseas Branches
Bank of China Donates RMB 64 Million with Staff Funds Focused on Schools
BOCHK Increases Donation for Sichuan Quake Relief to HKD 10 Million
Bank of China Overseas Institutions Actively Support Quake Relief
Bank of China Donated RMB 10 Million to CRCF for Quake Relief
Bank of China Delivered Relief Supplies of RMB 3 Million to Disaster Area in Sichuan
BOCHK Donates HKD 3 Million to Sichuan Quake-Hit Area
Bank of China Launched "Green Channel" for Quake Relief
Bank of China Donates Additional RMB 10 Million to "Tan Kah Kee Science Award Foundation"
Bank of China Donates RMB 1.5 Million for "Olympic Journey"
Bank of China Maintains Normal Operation to Combat Disasters
Bank of China Opened "Green Financial Channel" to Combat Disasters
Donation of RMB 10 Million from Bank of China to Disaster-Stricken Areas
Security Guard Lin Jianping Fighting with Gunmen for a Customer
Poverty Alleviation and Education Assistance: Noble Social Responsibilities of Bank of China
Bank of China Olympic Summer Camp Kicks off
Initial Success Achieved through Thrift-Themed Event of Bank of China CPC Youth League
Bank of China Organizing Donation and Relief Efforts for Earthquake- and Tsunami-Affected Areas
Bank of China in Support of Campaign of "Beijing-Hong Kong 'China Environmental Award • Green Xin Yi Tong' Environmental Protection Trip"
Bank of China Helps Beijing Citizens Enjoy Comfortable Housing
Bank of China Contributing to Financial Cooperation in Beijing

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