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0% Interest BOC Fund Transfer


Smarter Way to Extra Cash!

If you have an outstanding balance on your other banks' credit card, you could do a lot better than pay 24% per annum to service the minimum payment month after month.

Funds from your BOC Credit Card/MoneyPlus will be transferred into your choice of ANY bank's account or credit card account upon approval of application.

Make the smarter choice by signing up for BOC Fund Transfer today and enjoy 0% interest rate for 3 or 6 months for up to 75% savings!

Tenures 3 months 6 months
Interest rate 0% 0%
One time processing fee rate 1.8% 3%
Effective interest rate (per annum) 7.49% 6.38%

Savings that you get to enjoy with BOC Fund Transfer

For example:

Fund Transfer amount of S$10,000 3 months 6 months
Interest charged from other banks at 24% per annum S$600 S$1,200
Interest charged at BOC at 0% per annum S$0 S$0
One time processing fee for BOC Fund Transfer S$180 S$300
Your Savings S$420 (70% savings) S$900 (75% savings)

Figures are simplified for illustration purposes.

Sign up today!

Click here to download the application form and mail/fax it back to us.

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For more information, please call our 24-hour Customer Service hotline at 1800 338 5335.

BOC Fund Transfer General Terms and Conditions

1.The minimum transfer sum is S$1000 or such other amounts as determined by Bank of China Limited, Singapore Branch (“BOC”) at its discretion (the “transfer amount”). No cancellation or change of the transfer amount will be allowed after submission of your application.

2.This promotional fund transfer facility is available to BOC Credit Card / MoneyPlus account(s) holder only.

3.BOC Credit Card / MoneyPlus Fund Transfer is available to BOC Credit Card / MoneyPlus account(s) holder with an annual income of at least S$30,000 at the point of BOC Credit Card / MoneyPlus Fund Transfer application.

4.BOC shall, on its approval of each Fund Transfer application, charge the non-refundable processing fee on the fund transfer amount from the eligible applicant’s BOC Credit Card and/or MoneyPlus account(s).

5.BOC Credit Card / MoneyPlus Fund Transfer is applicable to any credit card/credit line/bank account(s) held with any bank or financial institution in Singapore, other than BOC. The credit card/credit line/bank account(s) to be credited must be in the name of the applicant. BOC will not accept any fund transfer application in a foreign currency.

6. Each BOC Credit Card / MoneyPlus Fund Transfer application is subject to the applicant’s BOC Credit Card / MoneyPlus account(s) being in good standing, as determined by BOC at its sole discretion. If BOC determines at any time that the applicant’s BOC Credit Card / MoneyPlus account(s) is not in good standing, BOC reserves the right to adjust the processing fee and / or interest rate (where applicable) to be applied to the fund transfer. Should the transfer amount requested exceed the applicant’s approved credit limit on the applicant’s BOC Credit Card / MoneyPlus account(s) at the time of the application, BOC will determine at its sole discretion the final approved amount to be transferred and BOC’s decision shall be final and binding on the applicant.

7.The applicant shall continue to make payment to their other bank credit card/credit line account(s) which the BOC Credit Card / MoneyPlus Fund Transfer relates, until such other bank credit card/credit line/bank account(s) have been credited with funds by BOC. BOC bears no responsibility for any overdue payment or interest incurred arising from any delay in the said Fund Transfer. In addition, any charges, fees, interest or losses incurred by BOC in connection with the applicant’s Fund Transfer, including without limitation, any fees and charges whatsoever and howsoever imposed by the bank or financial institution of the applicant’s credit card/credit line account(s), shall be borne solely by the applicant.

8.0% interest rate is applicable only to the amount approved and transferred and not to existing outstanding balances or amount(s) subsequently incurred on the applicant’s BOC Credit Card / MoneyPlus account(s). 0% interest rate will expire on the last day of the promotional fund transfer tenure or when the approval amount is fully paid, whichever is earlier. Thereafter, BOC Credit Card / MoneyPlus prevailing interest rate or such other rates as BOC may stipulate from time to time, shall apply on all outstanding amounts. BOC reserves the right to vary the interest rate chargeable and the basis of interest calculation at any time.

9.By making this BOC Credit Card / MoneyPlus Fund Transfer application, the applicant agrees to be liable for the total Fund Transfer amount and processing fee.

10.BOC reserves the right to reject any Fund Transfer application and / or approve only part of the transfer amount requested without assigning any reason or whatsoever.

11.The terms and conditions contained herein are in addition to the terms and conditions in the BOC Cardmember Agreement (“BOC Cardmember Agreement”) and the BOC MoneyPlus Terms and Conditions (“BOC MoneyPlus Terms and Conditions”), which shall continue to apply in full force and effect. In the event of any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and BOC Cardmember Agreement and / or BOC MoneyPlus Terms and Conditions, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

12.If there are any discrepancies or inconsistencies between the English version and the Chinese translation, the English version shall prevail.

13.BOC’s decision on all matters relating to this promotion shall be at its absolute discretion and shall be final and binding on the applicant.

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