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Security Advisory on COVID-19 Related Scams and Cyber-crime Prevention


Dear Valued Customers,

With an increase in COVID-19 linked scams and cyber-crime, as well as heightened threat to personal data with more people working remotely, we would like to advise our customers on the following steps to protect yourselves and avoid falling victim to scams:

1. Do not provide any personal information, bank account information (including user ID, password and OTP), debit card and/or credit card details to people you have never met.

2. Do not accept any requests by online acquaintances or unknown persons for bank transfers. Practise good cyber hygiene to minimise the risk of cyber threats.

3. Do not click on links or open attachments found in suspicious looking emails or SMSes. Ensure your email account has not been compromised.

4. Ensure that your bank account is used only for your personal banking needs and alert the bank immediately if you find any discrepancy or unauthorised transaction in your bank statements.

If you suspect that you have responded to a scam and disclosed your personal or bank account information, please call our 24-Hour Customer Service Hotline at 1800 66 95566 (in Singapore) or +65 677 95566 (from overseas).

For more information on scams, please visit

Bank of China Limited Singapore Branch
15 June 2020

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