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Credit Cards Charges

(For all BOC Credit Cards)


Credit Cards Charges (with effect from 01 January 2020)

Product Name All BOC Credit Card
Interest free period 23 calendar days from statement date if bills are paid in full NOTE: Balances are interest-free only if EIR is zero.
Interest on purchases (where applicable) Applied rate - 2.41% per month
Effective interest rate - 28.88% per annum
Minimum charge - ^¥/S$3.00
If payment is not made in full by the Due Date, interest will be calculated on a daily basis on the outstanding balance from the previous Statement Date and on all new transactions from the date they are posted to Card Account. No interest will be levied if payment is received in full by the Due Date and there is no balance carried forward from the previous statement.
Interest on Cash Advances Applied rate - 2.41% per month
Effective interest rate - 28.88% per annum
Minimum charge  - ^¥/S$3.00
Interest is compounded daily and levied on the amount withdrawn from the withdrawal date until receipt of full payment.
Important: Interest charges for cash advance shown on billing statement represent interest accrued up to the billing statement date. Interest will continue to accrue up to the day of payment. For full payment of cash advance borrowings, customers are advised to call our 24hour customer hotline at 1800 338 5335.
Cash Advance fee Other Credit Cards:
^¥/S$20 or 6% of amount withdrawn, whichever is higher.
Minimum monthly payment 3% of the monthly balance outstanding, plus any outstanding Minimum Payment Sum, plus the amount in excess of the Credit Limit, or ^¥/S$50, whichever is greater.
Late payment charges 5% per month of the Minimum Payment Sum, subject to a minimum of ^¥/S$100 per month; if minimum monthly payment is not made by due date
Annual membership fee BOC Qoo10 Platinum Mastercard and BOC Sheng Siong Card: S$32.10*  for principal card, S$16.05* for supplementary card BOC Visa Infinite Card: S$374.50* for principal card, S$187.25* for supplementary card
All other BOC credit cards (excluding BOC Corporate Credit Cards): S$203.30* for principal card, S$101.65* for supplementary card* *Inclusive of GST
Fees for foreign currency transactions Our administrative fee: 2%/2%/2.4% of the transaction amount for Visa/Mastercard/UnionPay Credit Cards Cross-border fee charged by Card associations: Additional 1%/1%/0.8% of the transaction amount to be charged by Visa/Mastercard/UnionPay respectively
When the Cardmember uses the Card in countries/regions other than Singapore, the Card Transactions may be charged in the official currency of such country/region where the Card is used or any currency other than Singapore Dollar and converted into Singapore Dollars at such exchange rate at such time as may be determined by Visa/Mastercard/UnionPay respectively on the conversion day.
Dynamic Currency Conversion fee All Visa or Mastercard transactions effected in Singapore dollars and processed overseas are levied a fee of 1% by Visa and Mastercard International.
Over limit fee S$40
Credit refund via cashier’s order S$5
Card replacement fee S$21.40
(Inclusive of GST)
Retrieval fee Sales Draft
 •Original – S$12.84* per copy
 •Copy – S$5.35* per copy
 •Within 3 months – Free
 •More than 3 months/0verseas address/duplicate statement request–S$5.35* per statement
*Inclusive of GST
Service charge for insufficient funds Returned Cheque / Rejected direct debit authorisation: S$40
Payment hierarchy Payment made to the credit cardmember's account will be settled in the following order, with 1 being the highest priority for settlement:
1. Cash Advance
2. Retail Transaction
3. Flexi-Balance / Instalment Payment Plan (IPP)
4. Fund Transfer* *Not applicable to BOC dual currency cards RMB account.
Lost/stolen card liability The Cardmember shall at all time exercise all possible care to ensure the safety of the Card and PIN and that the PIN is only known to the Cardmember and not disclosed to any other person. The Cardmember shall immediately report to the Bank if the Card is lost, stolen or misused or the PIN is disclosed to any other person by calling the Bank's Customer Service Hotline (1800 338 5335) or by notifying the Bank in writing.
The Cardmember shall lodge a police report accompanied by written confirmation of the loss, theft or misuse of the Card or disclosure of the PIN and to provide to the Bank any other information that the Bank may require. The maximum liability for the Cardmember due to any unauthorized use of the Card is S$100 provided that the Cardmember has not acted fraudulently or was not grossly negligent or has not otherwise failed to inform the Bank promptly after becoming aware that the Card has been lost, stolen or misused or the PIN is disclosed to other person.
There may be circumstances in which you have to pay other fees. See the full list of terms and conditions(Cardmember Agreement): Please refer to the ABS guide on what you should know about credit cards at:
NOTE: ^Fees in ¥ are only applicable to BOC Dual Currency Cards RMB account
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