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Kill Switch is a security feature for you to quickly suspend access to your funds and accounts and self-service banking facilities if you are a victim of a suspected scam.

What is the BOC Kill Switch Feature?

The service will enable you to immediately freeze all your current and savings accounts (including joint accounts), if you suspect you are a victim of a scam or if you believe key account-related details have been compromised. The joint account holder(s) will not able to perform any transactions through the affected accounts as well.

The Kill Switch will disable all the following:

1.Cash withdrawals and deposits

2.Local and overseas funds transfers

3.Bill payments

4.GIRO transactions

5.MasterCard debit cards (physical and digital)

6.Digital banking transactions, including via the BOC Online & Mobile Banking app

7.Self-service features such as ATM or Phone Banking

How to activate Kill Switch?

Call our 24-Hour Customer Service Hotline at 1800 66 95566 (local) or +65 677 95566 (overseas).

For English Press 1, for Mandarin Press 2.

For Kill Switch, Press 6.

For Singaporeans or Permanent Resident, please press 1 and provide your 7-digit NRIC number, valid Debit Card number or Date of Birth (DDMMYYYY format).

For foreigners, please press 2 and provide your 7-digit FIN number, valid Debit Card number or Date of Birth (DDMMYYYY format).

Upon hearing the acknowledgement of your request and successful verification, we will disable your accounts instantly and you will receive a SMS notification.

How do I know if the Kill Switch is successful?

After you submit the request via the automated phone system successfully, the system will auto perform the necessary suspension. You will receive an SMS sent to your registered mobile number to acknowledge your request to activate the Kill Switch.

How to deactivate Kill Switch?

Only BOC Bank staff can deactivate Kill Switch and would only do so after receiving duly verified instructions from customers.

Kindly proceed to any of our BOC branches to verify your identity and confirm whether your account is safe before instructing our staff to proceed to unblock access to your funds.

If you have any queries, please contact our 24-Hour Customer Service Hotline at 1800 66 95566 (local) or +65 677 95566 (overseas).

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