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Conduct your banking transactions in the comforts of your home with Bank of China Internet Banking. Enjoy the convenience of banking anytime, anywhere, with access to more than 30 services online!

1. My Accounts

Accounts Overview

Assess the balance of your various BOC accounts at a glance. The asset summary report will provide an overview of your available and book balance summary for all the accounts that you have linked to Internet Banking.

Transaction Details

Check the status of your online transactions performed via Internet Banking for the last 12 months.

Term Deposit Account Details

View the details of your Time Deposits online. You can perform new placements, as well as withdraw your Time Deposits and credit to your banking account.

Accounts Management

Select the account(s) that you would like to be linked/de-registered on Internet Banking so that you can view or use the account(s) to perform online transactions, on the go. You can also create aliases for your different BOC accounts for easy reference when you perform an enquiry or transaction.


2. Transfer & Remittance

Transfer & Remittance

Transfer funds conveniently to your own BOC account, other BOC accounts or accounts with other banks located locally or overseas. Remit funds abroad with BOC remittance features such as International Remittance and RMB Pre-Settlement no matter where you may be.

Scheduled Transaction Management

View and delete your online post-dated and recurring funds transfers easily.

Internet Banking Transaction Enquiry

Check the status of your online transfers & remittance transactions performed via Internet Banking up to the last 12 months.

Payee Management

Transfer funds to another party simply by adding a new payee in Payee Management, a one-stop control panel for you to view, edit and delete your payee(s).


3. Bill Payment

Bill Payment

Save the hassle of writing cheques and queuing at the branch with online bill payment. Avoid late payment charges as well as you can make an immediate payment or set a future date for your bill payment.

Scheduled Bill Payment Management

Forward date your bill payment for a period of up to 30 days in advance and have the option of deleting your scheduled payment instruction one business day before the effective due date. For scheduled bill payment, the scheduled date has to be at least 3 days from the transaction date.

Bill Payment Transaction Inquiry

View your online bill payment transactions at a glance.

Bill Payee Management

Perform a one-time initial set up to add the billing organization that you wish to make payment to via our Internet Banking. Your Bill Reference Number is the number given by the billing organization, and is usually the account/card number printed on your payment or invoice slip.


4. Term Deposit

Open Term Deposit

Place a new Time Deposit online via our Internet Banking. You can choose to rollover or withdraw your Time Deposit upon maturity.

Transfer Term Deposit

Transfer your Time Deposit(s) effortlessly to your banking account at your convenience.*

*An early withdrawal penalty fee will apply.


5. Global Service

Open Global Service

Global service will enable you to link and view your Bank of China accounts from different countries under a consolidated site at Bank of China Singapore.

You can apply for a global service account and link your global accounts to our global service.

Request to Join

After your application to open a global service account, you can then request to join or cancel our global service.

Link Accounts

Add an account to link to Global service from here.

Close Global Service

If you do not need this service, you can close your global service account. The linked account(s) will be removed from Global Service.

Global Account Management

Manage all your BOC global accounts with Global Account Management. You will be able to view the transaction details as well as the account details.


6. Cheque Service

Send in your request to stop the payment of your cheque via Internet Banking.*

*Stop cheque payment fee will apply.


7. Service Setting

Change Password

Change your password for Internet Banking if there is a need.

New Account Number versus Old Account Number

Enquire on your original account number corresponding to your new account number via BOC Internet Banking.

Service Records

View the transactions that you have performed via Internet Banking including the date and time stamps.


8. Credit Card

Credit Card Overview

View the details of your various BOC cards at a glance. Perform online enquiries, statement enquiries and pay your credit card online.

You can also create aliases for your different credit cards for easy reference when you perform an enquiry or transaction.

Account Information

Check details of your credit cards online, including available credit line, reward points, book balance and available withdrawal limit.

Outstanding Statement

Monitor the status of your unbilled transactions on your credit cards.

Past Statement

Review the status of your billed transactions on your credit cards for the past 12 months.

Credit Card Repayment Setting

Forget the hassles of managing your credit card bills! You can choose your preferred method of making credit card bill payments online with this feature.

There are two repayment types:

Active Repayment

Transfer funds from your debit card to pay for credit card bill based on your monthly statement record via GIRO.

Automatic Repayment

Select the full amount repayment or minimum repayment amount, and authorise the bank to automatically deduct a certain amount from your debit card before the maturity date monthly via GIRO.

Instalment History Enquiry

Check the status of your instalment history on your credit cards.

Credit Card Repayment

Perform an immediate one-time payment to your credit card.


9. Debit Card

Debit Card View

View the details of your BOC debit card at a glance. You can also create an alias for your debit card for easy reference when you perform an enquiry or transaction.

Debit Card Management

Link or unlink your debit card from Debit Card Management. You can also create an alias for your debit card for easy reference when you perform an enquiry or transaction.

Transaction Details

Check the details of your transactions on your debit card.

Debit Card Activation

Activate your Debit Card online in our Internet Banking at your convenience.

Report Loss/Cancel Loss Reporting

Send in a request to report a loss or to cancel your debit card.

Transaction Limit Setting

Customise your debit card withdrawal, consumption and transfer limits in RMB or local currency without hassle.

SMS Service

Customise your SMS alerts on your debit card by selecting the language, alert amounts and time you prefer to receive such alerts.

Link Bank Accounts

Select the BOC accounts that you wish to be linked/de-registered to your debit card so that you can view or use the account(s) to enquire or perform transactions easily.

Overseas Use

Enable or disable overseas ATM access for your debit card easily. You can choose to customise the duration for allowing overseas magnetic stripe transactions as well as overseas cash withdrawals on your debit card.

Billing Service

Check the status of your transactions on your debit card for the past 12 months.


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