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[Closed]Frequently Asked Questions(Future Savers 2013 Promotion)


QS 1:  What free gift is available in 2013? Is the Skagen watch still available?

ANS:  A pair of Limited Edition Plush Panda is being given away per new Future Savers account and this is made exclusive only to BOC Future Savers Account holder.

The Skagen watch has been fully redeemed and this free gift is no longer available.

QS 2:  When is the promotion period?

ANS:  The promotion is commencing 1 April 2013 till Plush Panda is fully redeemed for the 1st 500 customers.

QS 3:  Who is entitled to the promotion?

ANS:  New-to-Bank of China's Future Savers Account Holder. This is a joint account for a child below 15 years old and domicile in Singapore with his/her parent or legal guardian.

QS 4:  What are the criteria to meet?

ANS:  You will need to fulfill TWO criteria in order to redeem for the pair of Plush Panda.

i) Interbank GIRO at least $100 per month for 12 months

ii) Sign-up for ATM Card

QS 5:  Can I choose not to interbank GIRO and/or sign-up for an ATM Card?

ANS:  If you choose to do so, you would unfortunately not be entitled to the free gift - a pair of Limited Edition Plush Panda.

You would however still be able to open an account and enjoy the higher than normal board rate and welcome vouchers worth more than $1000.

QS 6:  What will happen if the Bank fails to debit the $100 from my other bank account?

ANS:  BOC reserves the right to charge or debit from your account the value of the gift (Limited Edition Plush Panda worth $49.90 per pair) if you fail to transfer through GIRO a minimum of S$100 per month into your Future Savers Account over a 12-month period from the date of opening the aforesaid account, or if gift redemption is repeated.

QS 7:  Since this is a joint account, can I redeem for two pairs of the Plush Panda?

ANS:  No. Each New-to-Bank of China's Future Savers Account is only entitled to one pair of the Limited Edition Plush Panda.

QS 8:  Is there a mail-in application form option? If no, does my child need to be present at the branch for account opening?

ANS:  Unfortunately no. You would need to come down personally to the branch for the account opening.

As the main applicant, you'll need to bring your NRIC or Passport and Employment Pass or Work Permit (for foreigners) together with your child's original Birth Certificate. Presence of child, who is a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident, is not mandatory. A child, who is a foreigner, needs to be presence with a valid Passport and Birth Certificate.

QS 9:  My child is an existing Future Savers Account holder; can he open another Future Savers Account?Future Savers 2013 Promotion

ANS:  No. One child is only allowed to open one Future Savers Account.

QS 10:  My child is an existing Future Savers Account holder, how can he redeem for the Plush Panda?

ANS:  You will need to deposit at least $1,000 into the Future Savers Account to get ONE free Plush Panda. Strictly limited to ONE free limited edition Plush Panda per Future Savers Account. The full deposit amount will also be earmarked for 1 month from the deposit date.

QS 11:  Why is it that existing Future Savers Account holder is only entitled to one Plush Panda rather than one pair?

ANS:  Only new-to-Bank of China's Future Savers Account holder are entitled to one pair of free limited edition Plush Panda as their sign-up premium.

QS 12:  Can I (existing customer) pay for the other panda to complete the set?

ANS:  Unfortunately no. The free limited edition Plush Panda is given out on a transactional basis. Should you wish to complete the set, you could refer a friend who is new-to-Bank of China's Future Savers Account to get one other Panda to complete the set.

The referee must be at the branch with the Referrer and upon successful opening of the BOC Future Savers Account, the Referrer will receive one other Plush Panda.

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