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Frequently Asked Questions(BOC embark on migration of ATM cards to EMV chip technology)


Q1 : What is EMV?

ANS: EMV is a global security standard for chip card technology. It enables chip cards to be accepted anywhere in the world. With the EMV smart chip, your card is better protected against fraudulent activities.

Q2: How does my EMV Chip Card offer enhanced security against fraud?

ANS : The microprocessor chip on the EMV Chip Card is protected by cryptographic encryption, which prevents its contents from being replicated. The chip-based card complies with the MAS standards of data security. Magnetic stripe cards, on the other hand, use an older technology making the card vulnerable to cloning.

Q3: What are the advantages of having the chip in my card?

ANS: The chip card complies with the MAS's enhanced standard of data security.  Compared to a magnetic strip card, a chip card is able to store more data that uniquely identifies the card and the cardholder.  This makes it nearly impossible for fraudsters to decode or tamper with the card.

Q4: Why do I need to replace my magnetic stripe card with an EMV chip enhanced card?

ANS: Chip cards are safer than magnetic stripe cards.  A magnetic stripe card can be easily cloned.  A chip card, however, contains a microprocessor chip that uses encryption to prevent its contents from being replicated.

Q5: Could I choose to keep my magnetic stripe card and not replaced it with an EMV chip enhanced card?

ANS: Unfortunately no and this is in your best interest to switch to the safer EMV chip card.

Q6: When will I be getting my BOC ATM cards with EMV chip technology?

ANS:  You will be getting your BOC ATM cards with EMV chip technology latest by 31 December 2014.

Q7: Do I have to pay for my new EMV chip card?

ANS: No. You do not need to pay for the new chip card. The cost of upgrading your magnetic strip card to a chip card will be borne by BOC.

Q8: What should I do with my current card once I have received my new EMV Chip Card?

ANS: You are advised to activate your new EMV Chip Card immediately upon receipt. After you have successfully activated your new EMV Chip Card, please destroy your old card by cutting it into half to prevent unauthorized usage.

Q9: Why is there a need for me to activate my new EMV Chip Card?

ANS: Since 1 July 2012, all new and replaced ATM cards need to be activated should it not have been done at the point of issuance to you. Banks are taking extra steps to protect their cardholders to reduce the possibility of transactions being undertaken by unauthorized parties.

Q10: How do I activate my new EMV Chip Card?

ANS: You can activate your new EMV Chip Card by using one or a combination of the following methods:

(a)by enabling this function at Bank of China's ATM machine(s)

(b)by visiting one of our branches nearest to you during banking hours

Q11: Can I use my EMV Chip Card overseas?

ANS: Yes, you may use your EMV Chip Card overseas. However, in some countries, EMV Chip Cards are not prevalent and not all terminals accept EMV Chip Cards. In these countries, your transactions can still be processed via the magnetic stripe. To process successfully, you may request to have the function of overseas transaction via the magnetic stripe activated first.

Q12: Can I use my EMV Chip Card to withdraw cash overseas?

ANS : You may do so but we would require you to activate this function first. Since 1 July 2012, banks have deactivated the overseas ATM cash withdrawal function on the ATM Card. If you wish to retain the overseas ATM cash withdrawal function, you may request to have the overseas ATM cash withdrawal function activated.

Q13: What can I do to facilitate the chip migration exercise?

ANS: Kindly ensure that your contact details, especially your mailing address is the most updated in our Bank's record. To update us on your change in personal contact details, please visit any of BOC branches nearest to you.

Q14: What should I do if my EMV Chip Card has been misplaced?

ANS: Please call us immediately for a replacement of your EMV Chip Card.

Q15: Is there any limitation when setting PIN for Debit Card?

ANS: It is a requirement to set a 6-digit PIN for easy access and better card security when using the Debit card to withdraw cash worldwide. It will be an unsuccessful transaction if you fail to register a 6-digit PIN upon setting new PIN on the ATM.

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