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Frequently Asked Questions (Tele-banking Service of Corporate Account)


1.How do I apply for Tele-banking Service?

To apply for Tele-banking Service, you need to have at least one account (savings, current ortime deposit account) with us.Please complete the Tele-Banking Service Application Form and visit any of our branches during office hours, together with IC or Passport and Resolution.

2.What do I need to access Tele-banking service?

You will receive a password mailer once your application is successful.

To access Tele-banking service, please dial ours customer service hotline 1800 66 95566, and follow the IVR instruction, key in your customer number and operator code followed by #,then your 6 digit password (note: without #) .

3.What is the meaning of Operator?

Operator means a person(s) is authorised by company to perform their accounts, including enquiry, loss reporting, transfer between linked accounts, third-party beneficiary transfer.

4.How can I link or unlink my account?

For account linkage, please visit any of our branches with your NRIC or passport and the company letter which sign by authorised signatories.

5.What are the services available for Tele-Banking?

  • Account Balance enquiries
  • Transaction Details enquiries
  • Cheque status enquiries
  • Cashier's Order status enquiries
  • Account Serial Number enquiries
  • Report Lost (Freeze an account and stop cheque payment )
  • Fund transfer
  • Request for monthly statement or chequebook
  • Financial Information Enquiries
  • Roaming Services
  • Pin Change
  • Speak to customer service officer

6.What are the types of Funds Transfer that I may do?

There are two types of fund transfer:

1. Transfer between your own BOC accounts

Please visit any of our branches andlink your accounts to Tele-banking.

2. Third party Funds Transfer

Please visit any of our branchesto add third party payee. Only applicable for inter-branch transfer within BOC accounts.

7.How do I add a payee for fund transfer?

Please proceed to our branches in person to add payeebefore you can make fund transfer. Payee's account number is required.

8.When can I perform a Fund Transfer?

Type of Transfer Transaction Time
Transfer to own account (same currency) within the Bank 7*24, except system maintenance period
Transfer to own account (Cross currencies) within the Bank 9:30 hour - 16:30 hour
Transfer to other accounts within Bank 7*24, except system maintenance period

9.What is the transfer limit for funds transfer?

Corporate Tele-Banking, the transfer limit is set as follows:

Type of transaction Per Transaction Per day
Transfer to your own account within the Bank (same or cross currency) SGD100,000 SGD100,000
 Transfer to 3rd party accounts within BOC SGD100,000 SGD100,000

Note: The Bank will regularly review these limits and for security reasons may change the maximum transaction limits that can be made through the Service.

10.Can I perform cross-currency transfer?

For saving and current account, cross-currency fund transfer is applicable only if your debiting account is denominate in SGD.

Fund Transfer is not available for Time Deposit account.

11.Can I make changes to my transaction limit?

Transaction limit is capped at SGD 100,000. Please come down to our branches with your IC or passport and company letter which sign by authorized signatory to make changes to the transaction limit.

12.How can I perform a stop cheque payment or makeenquiry on cheque status?

You will need to key in the 10 or 11 digit account number (please refer to your cheque book for account number) plus 6 digit cheque number to perform stop cheque payment or make enquiry on cheque status.

13.What is roaming services?

You will only need to enter a countrycode,and your line will be transferred to the IVR main menu of that particular country accordingly.

14.How can I terminate the Service?

You may terminate the Service by submitting the Tele-Banking Service Application Form by indicating cancellation of the Service to the Bank.

15.Contact Us

Please call 18006695566 or email enquirysg@bank-of-china.comshould you have any queries on Tele-Banking service. 

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