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Frequently Asked Questions (Revision of fees and charges for BOC Credit Cards/MoneyPlus)


1. How will the interest on purchases (credit card) be calculated on my outstanding balance amount?

From 1 March 2015, if your payment is not made in full by the Due Date, the interest of 25.88% (minimum $3.00) will be calculated on a daily basis on the outstanding balance from the previous Statement Date and on all new transactions from the date they are posted to the Card Account. No interest will be levied if payment is received in full by the Due Date and there is no balance carried forward from the previous statement.

2. How will the cash advance fee be calculated?

From 1 March 2015, the cash advance fee will be calculated at 6% of the cash advance amount withdrawn, subject to a minimum fee of $15 per transaction.

3. Who should I contact for more information?

Please call our 24 hour Customer Service Hotline at 1800 338 5335 for more information.

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