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eGIRO stands for electrionic GIRO, it is a nationwide initiative to digitize the paper-based GIRO application process. With eGIRO, customers can experience a faster and paperless way of setting up payments to participating billing organisations. The eGIRO service is currently offered by 8 major banks in Singapore and can be used to pay over 50 billing organisations of various business segments.


Increased Efficiency

You may now apply for eGIRO via the billing organisation’s website and complete your application within a few minutes. All you need is to specify your designated bank for the eGIRO application.

For individual users, simply initiate the eGIRO arrangement from any of the participating billing organisations. Choose Bank of China as your eGIRO bank and complete the eGIRO setup via Bank of China’s online or mobile banking. You will see a confirmation screen once your eGIRO submission is successful.

BOC Credit Cards is also an eGIRO billing organisation. You may now login to your Bank of China personal online banking and set up eGIRO payment for your BOC Credit Cards.

Increased Benefits

With eGIRO, digital payments can be made for e-Wallet top-ups and e-commerce marketplaces.

Apply Now

A.Setup eGIRO arrangement from billing organisation website for retail customers

1.Select eGIRO from participating billing organisation’s website

2.Select Bank of China as the eGIRO arrangement bank

3.Login to BOC online banking for arrangements initiated from website or mobile banking for arrangments initiated from mobile applications

4.Provide the eGIRO setup information including the payment limit, expiry date and the debiting account

5.Complete and submit the application

Your application will be sent for processing and we will inform you via SMS notification if your application is successful. Alternatively, you can login to BOC online banking to check on your eGIRO status.

B.Setup eGIRO for BOC Credit Card

1.Login to BOC online banking

2.Select eGIRO for credit card

3.Select BOC credit card - eGIRO (FULL/MIN GIRO payment)

4.Select the applicant bank that you want to setup GIRO to your credit card

5.Login to your selected bank's Online Banking

6.Select the debiting account from the selected bank

7.Complete and submit the application


For full Terms and Conditions for BOC eGIRO, click here.

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