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Personal Time Deposit Account

Product name

Personal time deposit account


Individual customers can open time deposit accounts in ZAR, USD and CNY with the bank. There is no passbook for the time deposit account.

Customers may open time deposit accounts in ZAR, USD and CNY separately.

Fixed deposits are available in the following fixed terms: 7 days, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year etc.


When the client invests in the fixed deposit the client will benefit from a higher interest rate if they chose to invest the funds for an extended term.

Compared with the current deposits, you can get a higher interest income, the principal and interest roll over automatically on the maturity day.

Under special circumstances such as partial withdrawal or release of deposit before maturity date, interest rates will be calculated using the savings account interest rate.

Target customer

Same currency saving account holder of the bank.

Procedures for Account Opening

1. The customer himself/herself holds a valid identity document to the counter to open a time deposit account;

2. send application to open a time deposit account via e-mail from the specific mailbox or a fax;

3. The time deposit account opened successfully, the customer can:

Through the reservation of the mailbox and send a fax to send a transaction order to the line of instructions to receive the mailbox then the operation will be carried out;

Through the internet banking, open a single time deposit account then transfer fund in.


1. The same currency’s current account should be opened before making a fixed term deposit.

2. Kindly note that no banknote service will be provided.

3. No interest will be paid if the funds are drawn before the maturity of the time deposit.

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