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RMB Prepaid Card

Product name

RMB prepaid card


Bank Of China RMB prepaid Card is created by Bank of China Johannesburg Branch with the approval by SARB. Bank Of China RMB Prepaid Card is a BOC JHB branch product targeted towards South Africa non-residents traveling often between China and Africa.


Spend RMB at Face value; A variety of different face value prepaid card.

Easy to carry and no small change to carry.

Recharge or transfer money into the card; Long term and convenient.

Face value is higher than any brand prepaid card; Safe and easy to carry.

Promotions and customer service provided by both Union Pay and Bank of China.

Prepaid card can be used worldwide; Less handling charges than international remittance fees.

Target customer

All South African Non-residents that fulfill the requirements of South Africa’s exchange control


Account holder of Bank of China Johannesburg Branch.

Complete the RMB prepaid Card Application, Bank calls and confirms purchase ,clients details.

Confirmed details, Deduct recharge amount, activate RMB prepaid Card.

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