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Personal outward international remittance

Product name

Personal outward international remittance


Bank of China Johannesburg Branch provide global remittance services to account holder of the bank, including USD, EUR, RMB etc.


The customer must fulfill in the remittance application in English, including:

the name of the payer;

beneficiary account number, currency and amount of remittance;

the beneficiary bank name (and SWIFT code) of the payee;

the information to payee;

Payer or payee to pay the cost of remittance or share the cost of remittance,etc.

Gentle Reminder

If you apply the remittance service, in order to ensure that the payee receives the money in a timely manner, please provide accurate remittance information, while leaving your contact information, and save your remittance receipt.

If the bank has nostro/vostro account with the remitting bank, a remittance usually reaches the bank in full amount. However, if a remitting bank does not have account relationship with the bank, a remittance may be transferred to the bank via one or through several intermediary banks. Each intermediary bank may deduct a service charge when handling the transfer. Therefore, the amount of the remittance received may be less than the original amount of remittance.

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