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BOC $martLoan


Enjoy the life you desire with BOC $martLoan that offers you a fixed monthly repayment period of up to 7 years. With just S$6 a day, you can get extra cash of S$10,000.


• One of the lowest interest rate

• One of the longest repayment period

• Fixed monthly repayment amount

• Interest saving with reducing balance method

• Complimentary MoneyPlus Line of Credit with lowest interest rate for your daily necessities

An illustration with BOC $martLoan

Processing Fee
Equivalent  Flat Interest Rates
(% p.a.)
Applied Interest Rate
(% p.a.)
 Effective Interest Rates
(% p.a.)
 Monthly Instalment Amount
12 3% (min. S$150) 6.62% 12.00% 18.72% S$824
24 6.48% 12.00% 15.73% S$437
36 6.52% 12.00% 14.69% S$308
48 6.57% 12.00% 14.18% S$245
60 6.66% 12.00% 13.86% S$207
72 8.63% 15.00% 17.05% S$197
84 8.86% 15.00% 16.89% S$179

Above illustration is based on a thirty (30) day calendar month, with a loan amount equivalent to 90% of S$10,000 credit limit. Instalment amounts and interest rates have been rounded up to the nearest dollar.

How to Apply

• SMS BOCMP<space>SLWS<space>Name<space>NRIC to 79777

• Alternatively, please call our 24-hour Customer Service hotline at 1800 338 5335.


Interest Rates and Processing Fee

1.BOC $martLoan interest rate and processing fee is applicable to the amount granted under approved BOC $martLoan only.

2.All interest shall be charged and payable at the rate provided in BOC’s Approval Letter.

3.Interest is calculated based on a reducing balance method of computing interest amount on the principal balance (and not on the original loan amount) that reduces with repayment of each loan instalment. BOC $martLoan applied interest rates are at 12% p.a. for 12-month to 60-month loan and 15% p.a. for 72-month to 84-month loan. Effective interest rates are at 18.72% p.a. for 12-month loan, 15.73% p.a. for 24-month loan, 14.69% p.a. for 36-month loan, 14.18% p.a. for 48-month loan, 13.86% p.a. for 60-month loan, 17.05% p.a. for 72-month loan or 16.89% p.a. for 84-month loan.

4.A non-refundable processing fee of 3% of the approved loan amount or S$150 applies, whichever is higher.

5.Processing fee will be added to the approved loan amount.

6.BOC may vary the interest rate chargeable, the basis of calculation of the interest rates, fees, charges and/or any other terms and conditions governing the BOC $martLoan at any time at BOC’s sole discretion and without giving any reason.

MoneyPlus Line of Credit Promotion

7.During the BOC $martLoan tenure, the MoneyPlus Line of Credit interest will be charged at the $martLoan interest rate provided in BOC’s Approval Letter.

8.A cash advance fee of S$20 or 6% of amount withdrawn, whichever is higher, is applicable on each withdrawal made under MoneyPlus Line of Credit.

9.Upon expiry of BOC $martLoan tenure, any remaining outstanding balances will be charged at prevailing MoneyPlus Line of Credit interest rate.

Rescheduling Fee

10.At any point in time, there will be only one BOC $martLoan granted under a MoneyPlus account. If the applicant wishes to utilise any credit remaining and available under his/her MoneyPlus account subsequent to an initial BOC $martLoan drawdown, the applicant may apply to do so by way of a rescheduling of the existing BOC $martLoan, where the outstanding balance under the existing BOC $martLoan and the additional amount to be drawndown will be combined to form a new BOC $martLoan subject to revised terms and conditions as provided by BOC.

11.A rescheduling fee of S$100 is applicable if the applicant’s debt under the BOC $martLoan is restructured before expiry of the initial BOC $martLoan tenure.

Cancellation/Prepayment Fee

12.A cancellation/prepayment fee of S$100 is applicable if the applicant makes a cancellation/prepayment of the full amount outstanding under the BOC $martLoan before the expiry of the BOC $martLoan tenure.

13.To initiate cancellation/prepayment of the BOC $martLoan, the applicant shall provide 30 days’ prior written notice to BOC of any such proposed cancellation/prepayment in writing.

Late Payment Fee

14.A late payment fee of 2% per month of the minimum payment sum, subject to a minimum late payment fee of S$100 per month, shall be applicable if any minimum monthly repayment is not made by due date.  For the avoidance of doubt, such late payment fee may be varied or increased to such rate as BOC may from time to time prescribe and notify to you.

Over Limit Fee

15.If the monthly outstanding balance exceeds the credit limit granted to you under the BOC MoneyPlus account due to fees, interest and charges whatsoever incurred, relating to the use of the MoneyPlus account, an over limit fee of S$40 shall be charged.

Monthly Repayment

16.You shall make prompt payment of the monthly repayment amount to BOC on or before the due dates for payment as stated in the periodic bank statements sent to you by BOC until any and all amount outstanding under the BOC $martLoan has been received by BOC.

17.The monthly repayment amount will be rounded up to the nearest dollar.

18.Payment made to your MoneyPlus account will be applied towards the discharge of the amounts then due and payable under the following programmes in the following order, with (a) being the highest priority for settlement:

  • MoneyPlus Term Loan;
  • BOC $martLoan;
  • MoneyPlus Line of Credit; and
  • MoneyPlus Fund Transfer.


19.Upon completion of your BOC $martLoan tenure, the MoneyPlus account prevailing interest rate will apply. Usage of your MoneyPlus account available credit limit will be charged at the MoneyPlus account prevailing interest rate.

20.Disbursed BOC $martLoan amount will be rounded down to the nearest hundred. The total BOC $martLoan amount shall not exceed 95% of the available credit limit on the MoneyPlus account at the time of application.

21.BOC reserves the right to reject any BOC $martLoan application without assigning any reason or whatsoever.

22.BOC reserves the right in its absolute discretion to amend, supplement, vary, cancel or withdraw any terms and conditions governing the BOC $martLoan at any time without giving any reason. In the case of any dispute, BOC’s decision on all matters relating to the BOC $martLoan shall be final and binding and no correspondence will be entertained.

23.By signing up for BOC $martLoan, you shall be deemed to have read, understood and accepted these BOC $martLoan Terms and Conditions. These BOC $martLoan Terms and Conditions are additional to, and shall be read together with the terms and conditions contained in the BOC MoneyPlus Terms and Conditions, which shall continue to apply in full force and effect.

24.In the event of any inconsistency between these BOC $martLoan Terms and Conditions and the BOC MoneyPlus Terms and Conditions, these BOC $martLoan Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

25.If there are any discrepancies or inconsistencies between the English version and Chinese translation, the English version shall prevail.

26.All information is correct at the time of publication.

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